Missionary Milestone (Chad Phillips Family)

On Monday, March 28th, around 12 PM, Chad and Linda Phillips and their children, Elizabeth, Judson and “baby to be” will be departing Los Angeles, CA on their way to the country of Cambodia to begin their first term as missionaries.  I am very proud of this young couple for several reasons…first, although Chad is not the first young person that was in my youth ministry to enter full time ministry, he is the first one to reach the field as a foreign missionary…that is exciting!  Secondly, I’ve seen God do amazing things in his life, which is a reminder and encouragement to me that we can’t give up on our young people, regardless of how far they may run before they surrender to Him.  Thirdly, Chad and Linda have been blessed greatly by the Lord and have raised their support in an incredibly short time frame.  In addition, God has blessed Chad with a great wife and mother of his children.  Linda will be a great asset in their ministry in many ways.

My wife and I will be flying out to LA Friday afternoon (25th) to spend a couple of days with them and then to pray with them, hug them and send them on their way to do what God has called them to do.  Chad and Linda, on behalf of Victory Baptist Church and the Lawrence Family, we want to tell you how much we love you, how proud we are of you, and how excited we are to be your sending church…may God bless you as this important milestone is reached!


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  1. Praise the Lord! Chad has been a personal encouragement to me along the way and we know God will use them greatly in Cambodia.

  2. Pastor, that is for sure a highlight of my day, thanks for sharing this wonderful news. The reason I am so moved ,and please don’t take me wrong, for to see missionaries leaving for the field it is a wonderful rejoicing feeling, but what moved me to write you this little note , it is the fact of hearing of your love in action. In a godly way, I am so proud that the Lord has given my family a Pastor and a Pastor’s wife that would go out of their way (LA!?) to say bye and surely bless the whole Phillips’ family as well as everyone else who loves missions. Love you , Mrs. Michelle, Love you, Pastor. And thank you so much, you blessed my heart today! Soraia Allen

  3. I am excited for you and your church. I am excited for Chad and family! God bless all of you!

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