Cole Update Day 5 (Monday)

Okay, day five and it seems like we might have some answers soon. The doctors ran some more tests today and we should have those results within 24-48 hours, putting us in here probably at least until Wednesday. There’s three test in particular we’re waiting on, none of them long lasting issues. The one in particular that the doctors are leaning towards at this point is a rare virus contracted through, believe it or not, dead rabbits! Yaah, you read that right! Here’s the thing, after two or three days they began to ask us if we happened to be around any rabbits…odd question coming from a doctor (that is of course, unless you live in the Lawrence family, where we had a really good season of hunting rabbits this year!). Weird as it sounds, and fitting for our whacked family anyway, Cole has several of the symptoms of something that very few people have ever heard of, much less get. If so, it’s not at all contagious, yet must be treated with an IV antibiotic. At this point, we’re just glad to hear they’re tracking something down. Please just pray that these tests come back conclusive one way or another.

Cole is doing well and is not in any pain. We had a pretty good day together, although of course we’re all ready to get out of here. We’d like to thank the several folks who came by this evening and brightened the day…thank you.

Michelle is doing okay, considering she hates not having all the chicks at home each night and that she had to check another child out early from school for showing everybody her lunch…after she had already chewed and swallowed it!

We’re very grateful for all the questions of concern and prayer offered on our behalf…we truly are blessed with wonderful friends and family…we love you all so much! It sure helps us remain Unshakable in Him!


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  1. Mark & Carol Smith

    I miss seeing that handsome face of yours around church and school. We are praying for you everyday. I know God can use a little man like you to give a BIG testimony and show others how unshakable HIS children can be. I love you, Ms. Carol

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