Cole Update 4 (Sunday)

I’d like to thank everyone for the well-wishes for Cole, as well as those who stopped by to see him today. After the AM service, I stayed at the house with the three youngest while Michelle continued here at the hospital with Cole. This afternoon his IV went bad so they had to do another one. They got it on the second attempt, much to the dismay and pain of Cole…hopefully, this one will last longer. Today seemed to be the worst for him…I think it’s getting real old and perhaps a little bit of apprehension has set in. He’s just ready to get home now. I brought the kids up to see him after PM service and they all liked that! Everyone was fascinated with the nasal treatment he got while they were…pretty funny.

Of course, we still don’t know anymore of what it is today that’s causing the issue as the day we got here on Thursday, although I guess they know several things that it isn’t! Hopefully tomorrow we’ll learn some more. On a side note, the staff up here have been great and very good to us…thanks CHOA! (One has even asked me to marry him and his fiancee!)

Cole and I are watching AFV and having a good time…I love him and am thankful God has placed him in our lives.
Remaining Unshakable in Him, the Lawrences


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  1. Boyd and Anita

    Praying for all of you. Hope they find some answer soon.

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