Cole Update 3 (Saturday)

Saturday evening is fast coming to a close, once again leaving our family spread out from Social Circle to Loganville to CHOA at Eglestion…bummer. Michelle is spending the night with Cole tonight allowing me to come home in order to preach tomorrow, then we’ll probably switch again tomorrow night after the PM service.  There has been no change that we can tell with Cole, for the better or the worse.  His condition seems to remain the same, without any indication as to what the cause of the problem is.  They started around 4:30 again this morning taking some more blood for testing, and again in the afternoon.  He’s holding up pretty good, the only complaint being the remote control to the TV doesn’t allow him to turn it up or down, just mute it, and he talked them out of having to wear his nice blue gown 🙂  While we are very grateful that there doesn’t seem to be any serious issues, there is some frustration as to what the cause is…just pray they’ll be able to make some determination so we can get the right antibiotic and get the boy home.

Like I said, we are truly blessed…and if you don’t think you are, come walk with me down to the cafeteria just one time, and you’ll see more than enough “little reasons” being rolled around in their beds or wheelchairs, some with hair, some not.  I’ll walk you by rooms where I haven’t seen a parent or adult be in the room for the past three days with the child that is in there.  You can hang out in our room for a while and listen to screams of babies and wails of small children who make our “problem” seem like stubbed toe.  Yes, God’s has blessed our family to the ‘nth’ degree, and we are thankful.

I’d also like to once again thank those that have made their way by to visit, or who have called, emailed, texted or posted to FB…all your prayer and kind words have been encouraging to Cole, as well as Michelle and I.


Cole getting eyes checked…don’t tell him you saw this picture!


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  1. God bless all of your family. We are praying for you. I am in Toccoa and then Chickamauga or I would come by. Thanks for keeping us up to date. God bless. Please tell Cole that Betty and I say hi

  2. Mark & Carol Smith

    We love you Cole! Praying that God will heal you up soon and get you back home. Praying for you too Pastor and Michelle. All our love, Mark, Carol, Cassie, Caleb & Cason

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