Cole-Update 2 (Friday)

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone for the kind words, emails, calls, texts, visits, gifts and gestures…they are all super wonderful and appreciated.  When Cole woke up this morning, his eye was still swollen as well as the glands in his cheek and neck.  They also notice a couple in the back of his neck that are now swollen.  Around mid-morning they walked us across the street for an eye exam and everything was fine there.  This afternoon, a team (4) of infectious disease doctors made their examination of Cole, still not determining the reason.  They are now running quite a few more blood tests to see if they can pinpoint a cause.

The good thing is that Cole is not in any pain (other than the headache he has right now) and otherwise doesn’t seem to be affected by the issue.  The bad thing, however, is that it looks like he’ll more than likely be here through the weekend…that, we’ll have to see.  We still covet your prayers for a determination and direction by the doctors, yet are confident in His ability to care for our son.  Michelle has gone home tonight to be with the other children and more than likely we’ll swap out tomorrow night and I’ll be with them on Saturday and Sunday.

We have a great church family and extended friends…we love you all and are grateful for your concern.  And as our theme this year, let’s remain Unshakable, knowing He’s our firm Foundation.


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  1. Elaine Voorhees

    My Dear Pastor and Michelle: We love you guys with all our hearts and are continually praying for you, the doctors, as well as Cole! I know ,as well as you do ,since I have learned so much because of your loving teaching, that He truly does work in and through us . Whether I like it or not it is always for my good. Your family is one of the most precious gifts we have. If we can do ANYTHING please ask!!!!! Love ya’ll please give Cole a big hug for us! Awana would not be as rewarding or as fun without him!!! Even if we won’t let him wear a hat!!

  2. Sorry I didn’t make it by yesterday. I thought he was at Scottish Rite and I could have made it there and then on to Toccoa after my class. So I didn’t. We love and respect your family more than you will ever know. Please tell him we are praying and that we love Him


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