RU Sunday-Addictions Ministry of VBC

This Sunday will be our annual “RU Sunday”…a day each year where we put an emphasis on the Addictions Ministry of VBC.  Every Friday night a group of dedicated individuals gather to “talk, talk, talk!”  The night is divided into three time segments, aptly named “talks.”

Our local chapter of this national ministry is directed by Wayne Sosebee, a man who has a passion for the addicted.   I can honestly say that Bro. Wayne truly loves this ministry and the people which volunteer with him.  The Lord has blessed us with just the right man to lead this ministry.  He has surrounded himself with a group of people that are just about as passionate as he is and I love them and their support for him and VBC.

Just recently, we’ve ventured out and started The Scarlet Thread Thrift Store, designed to assist funding a future Men and Women’s Home.  This Sunday we’ll hear more about both ministries and I want to encourage you to be praying for the day.  If there is someone in your family, someone you work with, or even yourself that is struggling with a stronghold, please make every effort to be in attendance BOTH services.  I will be preaching the AM service and Bro. Wayne the PM, with testimonies and videos in each.


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