Two Week “Catch Up” (rather lengthy)

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything and wanted to catch up before it went any longer…so here goes.

The week before last, I took a few days and went out to Louisiana to hunt ducks and spend some time with an uncle.  We had a great time, killed a lot of ducks, engaged in wonderful conversation, studied Scripture and relaxed.  It was a wonderful trip and am thankful to have had the opportunity to do so.  While I was away, a few men in our church were such a blessing to my family and I want to thank them for their kindness…they know who they are and what they did…thank you for loving and expressing it the way you did…truly a blessing.

That brings me up to this past Sunday when we started The Vision…a four day event where we focused on the direction of the church for the coming year.  On Sunday morning we revealed this year’s theme… Unshakable… It’s based on the text in Matt. 7, in particular (Matt 7:25) And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.   Regardless of what storms blow our way this year, we are determined to be founded on the Rock that withstands all storms and remain “Unshakable!”  It was a very exciting time and a wonderful service.

Along with The Vision events, we had a stewardship revival which helped us see that our lives are to be His in every way possible.  Dr. Charles Wetherbee from the Victory Baptist Church in Weatherford, TX was our guest preacher and did an absolutely amazing job.  I can honestly say I believe it was one of the best revivals we experienced thus far at Victory in terms of bringing our attention to Whom it needs to be on…the Lord Jesus Christ.  We were challenged Sunday thru Wednesday with the idea that “we give, to get, to give again.”  And I’m not just referring to finances (actually finances were barely mentioned), I’m referring to our entire lives.  God gives us good health, so we use it for His glory, He continues to bless us with it, we re-invest it again and again.  Each day is a blessing from Him.  We dedicate ourselves to the Lord, give ourselves for His use that day, He gives us another one to use for Him.  Our abilities are used for His glory, He blesses us with more opportunities, we give them back to Him again…everything in our lives must be viewed in this context.  If you missed the preaching this week, you seriously missed things that were life-changing.  I appreciate the humble, honest and loving approach Dr. Wetherbee stood behind the pulpit with this week.

Each night featured special happenings.  Sunday evening we awarded all those who read through their Bibles last year and challenged our adults again, as well as distributed charts for the younger children to read through the New Testament this year. (You can get those from the Welcome Center if you need one)  We ended the night with the greatest Chili Cook-Off to date…so much chili and so many people…wonderful fellowship and a great start to the week.

On Monday night we awarded the SS Teacher of the Year Award to Mr. Debbie Lawrence and the Servant’s Heart Award to Mrs. Lynne Serrian, as well as the Ministry of the Year Award which actually went to the pastoral staff for such an amazing job this past year.

On Tuesday night we awarded the Eric Hill Award to Mr. Stephen Ayers, the Victory Award to Mrs. Vicki Bush and her son, Brett, and the Christian Service Award to Adam and Krista Sparks.

On Wednesday night we awarded the Paul Leslie Award to Dr. and Mrs. John and Dianne Banks.  We also shared with the church 12 goals we hope to accomplish in the year 2011.  In addition, we gave opportunity for people to give themselves to the ministry and financially more than ever.  The response was wonderful…you can obviously tell the Lord spoke to many of our hearts this week.

Each night featured a continuing video, humorously detailing what the staff “did” while I was away for a few days. They should be posted online within then next couple of days for your viewing pleasure.

All in all, The Vision was a wonderful way to start the year off…I’m looking forward to the different “Unshakable” series I’ll preach in the coming year.

I would like to thank the numerous ones that had their hand in making The Vision what it was…especially the staff, as they endured many different things this past week. (Josh and Patrick both losing their grandmothers, Josh and his wife, Sara, having their first child)  To God be the glory and may we remain “Unshakable” in His service this year!



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