Sunday Summary 11.28.2010

With several people still traveling back from the Thanksgiving Break, we still had great services today at Victory.  Bro. Keith Shumaker, missionary to Burkina Faso was with us all day and was a tremendous blessing.  Here are some random thoughts on our day…

  • Bro. Shumaker is just as big on the inside as he is on the outside…great heart and love for the Lord and people. (For those of you who have never seen him…6’7″-300 lbs!)
  • His wife is a very busy woman with their children, yet has a very pleasant spirit and we enjoyed her company.
  • The messages were preached with passion…I like that!
  • Quotes/questions…What’s your dream?…We’ve made God a “side show” in our lives, when He ought to be “The Show”…Never underestimate the impact of one saved soul…When we dream big, there will always be opposition…Fear, Doubt and Unwillingness are three main reasons why people don’t answer the call of God on their lives.
  • The music was very good today…I liked the new choir song…thank you choir and orchestra, you are doing a great job.
  • The “intercom system” we have between the platform and A/V room has yet to work for me…it works for others, just not me.
  • Our ushers and greeters have been going through some extensive training and it’s starting to pay off.  Continued training is taking place every Sunday afternoon for a while.  If you are interested in serving in one of those capacities, please see Josh Ayers or Daniel Kelley.
  • We were able to give Bro. Shumaker a good love offering…thank you church!
  • We had two more young men make public God’s call on their lives tonight.  John Higgins signed the Ministry Pledge and Steven Ayers signed the Mission Pledge.  I’m very proud of these men and want you to pray for them and encourage them.  That makes our 6th pledge of commitment to full-time Christian service signed this year…two couples, 4 individuals…only because of Him!
  • We have a lot of work to do between now and the end of the year…our theme and focus this year, “Laboring More Abundantly” has definitely been lived out in our staff…I serve with a great group of individuals and volunteers…I love them so much and am so proud of them!
  • Wish I built a fire tonight…it’s getting cooler and I love it…btw, if anyone knows where I can get some good firewood at a good price, please let me know.
  • Be looking for some hints and previews of some exciting things for the New Year…here’s one…Victory Vision Night as we have known it, will take on a very new look…

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