Sunday Summary 10.10.2010

What a day! What a weekend! Seriously, so much was going on but it was great! Even though several families were gone due to the long weekend (Monday was a school and gov’t holiday) we still had a great attendance. What capped it off however was the salvation of a man who has been visiting for few months…it was incredible and I give God the glory for drawing Him as He did. Please pray for his family and his continued growth as we disciple him.

Random personal thoughts on the day…
1. I saw some members that I haven’t seen in a while and was REALLY glad to see them again. (Side Note: if there are some people you notice have been absent, consider it your responsibility and obligation to call them, visit them, follow up and see if everything is okay…people don’t always inform of surgeries or procedures and it’s a shame not to be able to minister to them because of ignorance. Furthermore, the devil desires to damage relationships and the faithfulness of members and one would be surprised at how many are hurt because they didn’t or haven’t received a call from the church family. I realize that as we grow, we don’t always see certain people every Sunday due to various reasons like serving in the nursery, teaching a class, etc, however, that is why it is that much more important we are sensitive to this issue…the larger we get, the smaller we must become. If we don’t follow up when the Lord points something out, we are not “obeying every impulse of the Holy Spirit”.)
2. The congregational singing is getting better every week and seeing our regular choir filling up again after the summer is very exciting. The smiles on the faces, the energy and joy coming out is contagious…good job choir and orchestra. I realize there are no empty chairs in the choir, but we can add more. If God has given you the ability to sing or play, please fulfill that through the VBC choir and/or orchestra…we want you!
3. I struggled terribly before the AM service…God blessed in an unusual way.
4. I didn’t have the Spirit vs flesh illustration planned out at all…didn’t even plan on going there, but obviously He did…and I’m glad He did.
5. Wasn’t in the service during the video announcements so I don’t know how that transition went…we are looking for the best time to view those. Everyone seems to like them, it’s just finding the right place in the order that’s been unsatisfactory as of yet.
6. Had a great lunch with a family that attends our school but to a different church. It was in celebration of the baptism of one of their daughters that had been previously saved. (Gary’s Bistro located in the Avenue)
7. Sunday PM was focused on what we are or are not writing on the tables of the hearts of our loved ones…primarily in the marriage relationship and that of our children. Had several comment on how they wish they or their parents had understood that concept earlier in life. What are you writing today?
8. Had a good meeting with missionary Jay Henline after the service as he described the new direction of his ministry… a mission mobilizer out of First Baptist Church of Milford, OH. Please be praying for the health of Jay’s wife.
9. I love VBC…I thank the Lord for 16 wonderful years serving His church…


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