“Catch Up” Post

There are several things that I have been wanting to post here but each time it seems as if something else comes up…so here goes.

First of all, I’d like to thank Josh Ayers for preaching two weeks ago in the morning worship service while I was preaching in Dublin.  I have heard from several of the good job he did.  We had a good time with one saved that morning as well.  The following week we had one saved on Tuesday night soulwinning, made it public on Sunday as well as having another woman receive Christ in the AM Worship.  The Lord has really blessed and we are grateful.  I would also like to thank the church for the gift cards they gave my wife and I for our wedding anniversary that Sunday evening.

On Monday, my grandmother passed away and the church stepped up in a BIG way.  We have a big family and the church provided more than enough food.  Our extended family wanted to make sure our gratitude was explicitly expressed.  I also want to thank the many friends from our church and other churches that attended the viewings and/or funeral service.  The prayer, cards, emails, texts and phone calls have been wonderful…thank you so much.  The Lord gave great liberty and grace during the message.

Then, last night, two exciting things took place.  One, The Scarlet Thread Ministries, a thrift store born out of our local RU chapter and supported by a few chapters around us, opened with around 50-60 in attendance.  The thrift store was established to be a vehicle to help support a future men’s home and women’s home.  Not only financially, but providing jobs for those residents of the homes and allowing the community to acquire some good deals.  Please pray for the Scarlet Thread Ministries and visit them in the building under our VBC billboard on Hwy. 81.

Shortly after the dedicating the STM in prayer, the Youth Explosion began with a TON of teens in attendance!  The props, games and obstacle courses were amazing.  Bro. Scott Pauley from Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN preached a great message and several decisions were made. We praise the Lord for a safe, fun and productive night with souls saved.

Finally, tomorrow marks the 16th year of my ministry at VBC.  Michelle and I got married, went on our honeymoon and the following week I began to work with the teen ministry.  In some ways, it seems like only yesterday…I want to thank the Lord for being so faithful to me and my family and thank Victory Baptist Church for the many years of opportunity to serve at the greatest church in America.  I firmly believe that our best years our ahead of us!

“God is good all the time, all the time, God is good.”


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  1. Thanks so much for the devotional Friday night and the support you have given us in the Scarlet Thread Ministry! Keep us in your prayers as God opens up doors and for wisdom in following Him!

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