Sunday Summary 09.12.10

Yesterday started off at about 90 mph and then slowed down to just below average speed limit by the end of the PM service.  Unless you were here you wouldn’t understand it, but let me briefly explain.  We kicked off the beginning of the Fall Adult SS with our annual “soapbox Sunday.”  This is a time where we allow all our adult SS teachers to get on their “soapbox” and claim why everyone should be in their particular SS class.  We heard everything from UGA football part class get-togethers, to free Chic-fil-a items (this is still under VBCSS recruitment in-fracture scrutiny, some of our star attendees are under probation for allegedly accepting “bonus-like” gifts 🙂 ) to the more spiritual and right reasons for attending a particular SS class.  There was a great video that showed “it doesn’t matter how you get to SS, just get here” which we hope to have a link for you soon.  I closed out the SS hour challenging us to be the leader/teacher/parent that someone Wants to Follow and that we should be Willing to Feed, using Elijah and Elisha as the example and text from II Kings 1.

By the time the AM service rolled around I was already in high gear and in the preaching mode…so much so I totally botched the mentioning and recognition of Grandparents Day!  I apologized to the folks on Sunday PM, but still, I messed up.  My focus was on the message and after hearing and seeing the good change in our order of service, I was so ready to preach.  The title of the message was “I Must Follow God”, the text being I Kings 13.  The Lord blessed us with several families visiting and a couple of them mentioning that the Lord really used the message in their lives specifically and they were glad they came and promised to be back. (Praise the Lord)

The reason I say it slowed down by Sunday PM was because we observed the Lord’s Supper and it was a very worshipful and wonderful service.  Bro. Patrick Henry preached and performed his first Lord’s Supper and did a great job.  I was very proud to see the Lord use him in the way He did.

Here are some personal random thoughts on yesterday:

  • it was a gorgeous day
  • the auditorium looked very full
  • I liked the change in the order of service…we still had too many kinks in it for it to flow as smooth as we want it
  • we had our first run of video announcements…they were fine, but didn’t fit in to the flow very well…we wanted to use them as “pre-service” announcements and need to work on the best way to do that (they should be on the website sometime today as well)
  • I think the congregational singing was great and really helped prepare hearts for the message
  • I would like to shorten the length of my messages a bit, yet yielding to the Holy Spirit
  • did I mention I totally “botched” the Grandparent’s Day recognition!
  • I always like to see the baptismal waters stirring…Phillip K. got saved last week and was baptized in the morning service
  • I liked seeing the video of his testimony prior to the baptism
  • Patrick Henry tore his favorite suit pants by running into a “pot” laying in the office floor from Old Fashion Week 10 minutes before he was to preach
  • It was rewarding to see part of the training process of Patrick Henry take place as he led in the observance of the Lord’s Supper
  • The VFL (Victory Football League) kicked off today in our teen ministry (they need to bring the trophy back home this year!)

And one more thingbe present for some very exciting news we will be sharing with you next week in the AM service!


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