Sunday Summary 8.22.10

This weekend was a wonderful weekend on so many different fronts…from the International Dinner on Saturday to yesterday’s afternoon service, we had a wonderful time with our missionaries and focusing on world evangelism.

I was so proud of our church for the way they stepped up…

  • many volunteers brought tons of food
  • many volunteers had part of gathering toiletry items for our guest missionaries (gave each family a year’s supply of items)
  • many gave for the gift cards we gave each missionary
  • our quiz kids did a wonderful job learning about our missionaries and then getting in front of people to be quizzed (thanks to the parents who helped their children)
  • thanks to the Jr. Church staff in prep for that
  • the facility guys in all the set up/tear down/clean up efforts
  • the staff guys and detail preparation/execution
  • the deacons/wives for Sunday’s meal prep
  • the extra help for the meals by volunteers
  • all those who attended every service all weekend…I trust the Lord will bless your efforts greatly
  • all the other volunteers and staff I have failed to mention who did things “behind the scenes” that no one will ever know…thanks!

The missionaries we had were quite a blessing, in preaching, singing and testimonies.  I personally enjoyed once again the missionary panel discussion on Sunday afternoon.  It’s always good for people to hear from those that are actually on the field or on deputation.  Bro. Austin Gardner did a great job again teaching and preaching Sunday morning…church, let’s make sure we are fulfilling our roles as “goers and remainers.”

The quiz teams also did a great job and I look forward already to next year and building on what they did this year.

As I reflected on this weekend’s meetings…here’s some things that stuck out to me:

  • “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” (Miguel Murillo)…can’t get it out of my mind, can you?
  • How a man can smile as he talks about the 27 times he’s had malaria…can you say “Off!”?
  • the passion I heard in Patrick Henry’s voice as he spoke of what God’s done in his heart since last year’s conference
  • how much God  loves us regardless of how much or little we invest in world evangelism…(makes me want to do even more!)
  • the tears and fears I saw in a young man’s eyes as he processes what God’s doing in his heart…can’t tell you what that’s doing for me!!
  • we have the ability do so much for world evangelism, but don’t realize it, much less, accomplish it or act on it
  • we have so much training to do…we need more people to surrender to God’s call and then to be trained to fulfill it
  • God wants to use us to do something lasting for Him
  • world evangelism is so much bigger than Victory Baptist Church
  • world evangelism is much more than “partnering with missionaries”, it’s embracing a lifestyle of telling, giving, sending, going
  • it’s amazing how one man can be saved through the witness of one, then duplicate himself so many times over in working for Christ (Austin Gardner/Miguel Murillo)
  • how little we appreciate “everyday” things…one missionary wife literally had tears in her eyes as she expressed thanks for the hair conditioner she got (they had been out for a while and didn’t have money for more right now)…what a difference our little bit can make!
  • missionaries are some of the greatest people in the world
  • Keith Shumaker is huge…
  • that our volunteers for nursery are so needed but not near appreciated enough
  • I want the Lord to call my children into the ministry…would love to have some as missionaries
  • we have the greatest staff
  • we need to stream our services on the internet
  • it was good to hear from some of our missionaries from Brazil and Peru
  • Betty Gardner is very sensitive and emotional…a testament of her love for people, her family and the Lord
  • i hope to have some video clips and pics for you later this week
  • the additions to our website are going to be a great tool
  • maybe more later…

In closing, this was a great weekend and I know there will be fruit that remains…thank You Lord for being so kind and gracious to us!


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  1. Thanks for calling me huge. I truly appreciate that. Just kidding, of course. We did truly enjoy the conference and getting a chance to met you and Victory Baptist Church.

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