Laboring More Abundantly Mission Conference

I can’t express how excited I am about the start to our weekend Mission Conference. Saturday night we will begin with an International Dinner at 6 PM followed with special music and then hearing from some missionaries and their passion and burden for the world. I can assure you that it will be a great night and no one should miss it. With four categories of food (Italian, Mexican, Oriental and American), I’m sure you’ll find something good to eat as well.

As a reminder, we are looking forward to having the Scott and Donna Allen Family going to Brazil; the Keith and Rebecca Shumaker Family and the Vincent and Gabriela Garcia Family both in Burkina Faso; the Philip and Lori Bassham Family going to Thailand; and the Renzo and Angela Zuniga Family in Morocco.

We will also have guest missionary, Miguel Murillo- a South America Church Planter, speaking for us Saturday night…have I told you I was excited!

Bro. Austin Gardner, veteran missionary and pastor of Vision Baptist in Alpharetta, GA will be teaching and preaching Sunday in the morning services, to be followed by a church-wide spaghetti dinner for lunch.

Our afternoon service will begin at 2PM. We will witness a Mission Quizzing Competition from our young people, followed with a live panel interview with our missionaries…it promises to be a wonderful day focused on reaching the world with the Gospel. (If any parents or young people need a copy of the study guide, please see Bro. Patrick or Bro. Josh Ayers)

Let me ask you to bathe the weekend in prayer, be a part of every aspect of the conference and thirdly, open your heart to what part God would have you participate in world evangelism.


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