Fire at the Bush’s Home

This past Saturday evening, I received a phone call from Gwinnett County informing me that Mrs. Vickie Bush’s home was burning and they could not get a hold of Vickie and her son, Brett.  The scary thing was, the only vehicle they were driving was parked in the driveway.  I have to be honest with you, as I watched the firemen go in and out of the home, I had very little hope they survived the fire.  Much to our delight and amazement, 30 or 40 minutes later, Vickie and Brett show up with Mr. Rawlings who had taken them to dinner.  We are very grateful for the safety of the Bushs.

We met with her insurance company today as they came and did a first assessment.  Please pray that all the details will be worked out correctly and quickly.  After another meeting with the insurance contents agent tomorrow, we will be able to determine Mrs. Vickie’s next course of action.  I would like to thank Bob and Jackie Sewell for assisting the Bushs so wonderfully during this time.  Please pray for Brett and Mrs. Vickie as the loss of their home sinks in.  We do feel, after talking to the insurance agent, that her house is a total loss.  I took a couple of pics earlier this morning…


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