Staff Missionary Chad Phillips’ Monthly Prayer Letter

Phillips Family Newsletter
Servants to Cambodia
June/July 2010

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends, June/July 2010

Where We’ve Been
June and July have been very interesting months for us. We have been in Kentucky, New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, California, and Illinois. From June 6-11, God allowed us to be at Landmark Independent Baptist Church of Louisville, KY, for their Missions Emphasis Sunday, and then for their VBS. What a tremendous time we had! Each night I had the opportunity to tell the missionary story. Several children were saved throughout the week as they heard faithful lay people in the church teach Bible lessons, and many were drawn closer to the Lord. Each night, the children brought in pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters for the missionary offering. By the end of the week, they had given nearly $700 to us for the work of the ministry, and we were able to use that money to help purchase our plane tickets to Cambodia. From June 21-25, the Lord allowed me to attend Soaring Eagle Baptist Camp, hosted by Pastor Robert Benefield, Pastor Joe Grande, and Pastor Marty Stalnaker. They flew me from Boston to Fresno for those five days, and gave me many opportunities to challenge the teenagers about missions. God was so good during that week, and I believe we will see results for years to come because of the Holy Spirit’s working in their hearts. While I was in California, God used the Landmark Baptist Church of Loudon, NH to be a tremendous blessing to our family. They allowed Linda and the children to use their newly remodeled missions apartment, and when I returned from California, they allowed us to stay there for an additional three weeks. Pastor and Mrs. Clow were a great blessing to us.
“I being in the way, the Lord led me…”
Our first day in New Hampshire nearly six weeks ago, we went to a laundry mat and met a single mother with two small boys. Her name is Nagwa, and she is a refugee from Sudan. Linda gave her a Gospel tract, and we began talking to her. After talking with her for nearly an hour, we found out she was a Muslim, and by the end of that hour she had invited us to her home. The next day we met her at her home and went to a restaurant for lunch. After we ate our meal, God gave me the opportunity to speak with her about Christ. She listened politely, but it was clear that her heart was not ready to receive Christ. We continued to go to her home over the next few weeks, and she and her children became very near and dear to our hearts. Through Nagwa, we met another lady from Sudan named Ichol. Long story short, both of these ladies came to church on the evening of July 4th to hear me preach. By God’s grace, I preached Christ crucified and risen from the grave. Both of them listened intently as they sat for the first time under the preaching of the Gospel. Over the course of five weeks, we became very close to these precious people. The day that we left New Hampshire, we stopped by to say goodbye. Nagwa was in tears, afraid that she would never see us again. I told her, “Nagwa, if we don’t see you again here on earth, I hope we will see you in Heaven.” I had written her a letter, and in the letter I wrote, “Don’t ever forget what I told you about Christ. He loves you more than anyone else loves you.” Pray for these precious ladies, that they will come to know Christ as Saviour.
God allowed us to spend some precious time with some dear friends, John and Bonnie Ludka. Bro. Ludka is the pastor of Community Baptist Church in Groton, CT. God allowed him to plant the church ten years ago, and the Lord has truly blessed. We had the privilege of helping with their VBS for a couple of days, and the Lord gave me a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with a nine-year-old boy named Jack. If there were ever a young man who was ready to receive Christ, it was he. As I spoke of Christ’s crucifixion, and the agony that He endured for our sins, tears began to stream from Jack’s eyes. When it came time to receive Christ, I did not have to “twist his arm.” He cried from his heart, and trusted Christ as Saviour! I know that I had nothing to do with this young man getting saved. The Holy Spirit had already done the necessary work for that. I was just in the right place at the right time. What a joy it is to take God’s Word and explain the greatest story ever told by human lips!
70 Percent!
Praise the Lord, over the past two months the Lord has allowed more churches to partner with us, taking our current support level just over 70 percent. Our departure date is still set for March 28, 2011. God has been so good to us on deputation. Please continue to pray that we will have safety as we travel, that we will have influence with souls for Christ, and that we will walk daily in the Spirit.

Still Amazed by His Grace,
Chad Phillips and Family, Servants to Cambodia


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