Nice Tool

I’m currently on vacation this morning, about to leave for church with my family and see what the Lord has for us through the local church here in Steinhatchee, Florida. As usual every Sunday morning I prayed for Victory Baptist and all the ministries and facets of worship, the preaching, for souls to be saved, for our visitors and for faithfulness in our giving. Then the thought hit me…even though I may be attending a different church, my tithe and offerings will be given today to VBC even though I won’t be there to give it personally. The reason being is because of a nice tool we’ve implemented on our website called eGive. This allows anyone to give online through their checking either on a one time basis or on a recurring basis. Several have already began to use this user friendly tool and it was nice to know my giving will be accounted for today even though I’m not there to give it personally.
If you would like to know more about the opportunity to use eGive, you can visit our website and/or contact Lisa Jackson in the office at 770.466.4040.
I would also like to thank again those that are so faithful in their giving…have a great day and pray and respond to the messages today…see you next week!


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