WCBC Tour Group

The following excerpt is from Rachel Sewell’s blog and pretty much sums up the happenings this Sunday AM (Rachel is a member of our church and currently attends WCBC)

This Sunday a group from my college, West Coast Baptist College, will be coming to my church to sing and minister! I’m so excited! One of the girls in the group, Jensine, was my suite mate last year! She is so funny! I love her to death! The pianist, Ashley, is an amazing pianist! Her brother is also extremely amazing! He is one of the main pianists at Lancaster Baptist Church! He is pretty much amazing on the piano! The other girls in the group are great too! I love them all! Bro. Weaver will be preaching in the AM service and the girls will be singing! Bro. Weaver is a funny preacher! I love to listen to him preach! Please be praying for all the tour groups as they travel all around the US. Many of them will be traveling back to Lancaster this next week for Leadership Conference. Please pray for the safety of all of the groups and pray that they will be a blessing and that we might be able to be a blessing to them! These students give their whole summer to traveling and being in different churches every night. They sacrifice going home to their families for the summer so that they might be a blessing to us. I appreciate it and hope that I might be able to be a blessing back to them!


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