“Firework Preaching!”

This past Sunday afternoon we had a wonderful 4th of July treat.  Following the AM service, the church moved down to the lower building and enjoyed an “All-American Grill Out” as well as the Great American Dessert Competition.  Suffice it to say, it was all good!

The winner in the hamburger and pork categories was Bro. Shannon Greeson and Casey Kent took home the honors in the chicken category.  In the dessert competition, Elena Dalton, Connie Ayers and Kim Stewart were our winners.  Thanks to all those who “sacrificed” as a judge!  I would also like to thank the entire church for bringing so much food…it was a great spread.

After lunch we moved back to the auditorium for a 2 PM service as our evening service.  Here’s where it really heated up…we had 10 men (from all ages and experience) preach for a maximum of 3 minutes each.  Fifteen seconds shy of 3 minutes, fireworks appeared on the screens and at the 3 minute mark, if they weren’t done, the fireworks became audible.  It was wonderful.  One might think, “What can you possible say in 3 minutes?”  A LOT if you’re one of these guys.  Most drove home one particular thought and I could not have been prouder of these men.  4 or 5 of them had never preached to adults or in an auditorium setting.  One preached for only the first or second time in English!  Two are former pastors and all preached with power!

I want to thank each man for allowing the Lord to use them on Sunday.  This was the way I began preaching and I think that some may have got a taste of something Sunday that only made them more thirsty!  Several are already preachers and a few have answered the call to preach…I pray that maybe another one or two may sense the Lord leading in their lives as well.  Those that were in attendance may have seen some missionaries in the making…let it be dear Lord, let it be.

I’ve posted a picture of each here…you can click here to see more pictures and also download some if you want…thanks to J Hardee with Hardee Imaginations for the pictures.

Wayne Sosebee

Josh Reimer

Ted Taylor

Ricardo Perez

Josh Blake

Jason King

David Savage

Charlie McClendon

Victor Huff

Dr. John Banks


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  1. It sounds like quite an event. God Bless you all.

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