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The following are a few emails that I have received this weekend from a pastor friend, Gary Ledford.  They outline the account…the last update was this morning around 6:14 AM.


I need each of you to pray for my nephew Jacob Dennis.  Jacob was severely wounded by mortar this morning in Afghanistan and is on life support in serious condition.  He is enroute to the hospital in Germany.  Pray for him, his wife – Allysha, his parents Tony and Renee and also both grandparents.  This has hit very close to home.  I have had the privilege to talk with Jacob about his salvation and I can say that he is saved.


Thank you for your prayers for my nephew, Jacob Dennis and his family.  Jacob was very seriously wounded yesterday in Afghanistan when a mortar shell exploded near him.  As I mentioned yesterday, he sustained head injuries that we now know caused brain trauma, a collapsed lung, and lacerations to his face and legs.  He still is on life support in ICU at the base hospital in Germany.

Just a few minutes ago we heard from the Dr. that he was in stable condition.  His wife, Allysha and his parents, Tony and Renee Dennis are in flight to Washington DC where they will be flown to Germany later on this evening.  Please continue to pray for them that God would give His grace for this great need.  Also, continue to pray for Jacob’s grandparents who are also in need of Divine Strength.


I want to thank each of you for praying for my nephew, Jacob Dennis for the past couple of days.  Last night Jacob found completion of his faith in Jesus Christ as his eyes opened in Heaven to behold his Saviour face to face.  I ask that you continue to pray for his wife, Allysha and his parents, Tony and Renee Dennis, his brother, Sam and his sister, Molly.  Also, pray for both sets of grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Don McGowan and Mr. & Mrs. Gene Dennis.  All of his family now rests in the hope of seeing Jacob in Glory.

Tony, Renee, Allysha and Sam will be returning from Germany with Jacob as soon as the arrangements can be made.  Pray for their safety and the difficult days ahead.


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  1. I know they are only words but I am sorry that you have to go thru this. Christians know that there is a place where we will all be together and we will rejoice forever. Jacob is the American Hero we all hear about and now we have a chance to return the love to his family that he gave to his country. Rest easy knowing that while it is hard to understand, God’s plan is perfect and our salvation has already been purchased. You are all in our prayers. It would be wonderful to know when they return from Germany so we can all turn out and support them.

  2. Lori Woodward

    My heart just breaks for this dear, dear family. My prayer is that God will supply his grace to you. It is reassuring to know of his profession of faith and that we all have that hope of seeing him and our loved ones again. Renee, I love you; and as a mother I can only express my sorrow for your pain and loss.

    • Morris & Jo Grigsby

      Our hearts are sad and broken because of the news of Jacobs’ passing. We remember how he stood in our Life Group a few short months ago and told of his coming tour of duty. He told how his wife was worried about him going. We had prayer with him and some laid hands on him as we prayed for his safety. God has him safe in His care and it is you the loved ones left behind that are hurting. There will be a great reunion day when all of Gods’ children get home. To Don and Wanda, we as grandparents, extend our deepest sympathy as well as to his mother, father and brother and sister. God bless you all and I know that He will comfort you.

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