Gideon’s 300

This past Sunday I preached on the infamous story of Gideon and his 300 men defeating the Midianites with God being the sole “giver of victory.”  It’s interesting to see the whittling down of the Israelites from 32,000 able fighting men to the mere 300 they actually went to battle with.  With the faith and obedience of these men, God used them to achieve one of the most historical victories recorded in the world.

Much like our Christian faith today.  We are challenged everyday…it’s how we respond to the challenge that often separates the victors from the fleers.  Our church this Sunday was challenged to assist financially as everyone endures the financial “slump” our economy is facing right now.

I’m proud to tell you that many did respond and are responding as I have received more commitments every day since Sunday’s message.  To date, the amount per week promised would equal 85 commitments if they were divided evenly by the $15 per week challenge.   That’s quite a ways from the 300 we believe the Lord will give us, but it is a great start for only 3 days.  Many of our people were on vacation last week and many more have not had opportunity to hear the message and then respond due to their service in the nursery, children’s church, etc.  The promised weekly increase right now is $1260 ($5,040 monthly).  Of course, this is over and above regular tithes/offerings and mission giving.  I am very excited and grateful to so many who have responded so well and so quickly.  What’s even more exciting is that some really stepped up and took on more than just their share.  Actually, only 75 individual commitments were made, so you can see some promised the amount for two or three individuals.  Again, thank you.

If you have increased or are planning on increasing but did not use a card to do so, please notify the office (770.466.4040) and let the financial secretary know so we can at least keep our goal of 300 updated.  You can and will remain anonymous if you so desire.

So, again, thank you so much for not only showing your love, but sharing your love as well.  Only 215 commitments to go.  I believe, as with the children of Israel, God will bless the faith and obedience of these 300.


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