I’m A Nice Stranger

I wonder how often this may be said of our churches…

I never complain. I never create a scene. When I go to church, I never offer an objection if the usher leads me down the aisle to the front seat, while all the members of the church crowd the back seats and fix their curious gaze on my embarrassed march. No, I just take my seat.
I’m a nice visitor. I never growl aloud when I have to push by and walk over the feet of selfish church members who hog the aisle seats and would not move out of their favorite places if it meant the salvation of a soul. Oh, no, I just sit down meekly.
I’m the ideal church stranger. I never reprimand young people who sit behind me chewing gum, whispering and giggling. Oh, no, I’m too polite for that.
At the close of the services as I walk toward the door, I never make a scene if nobody speaks to me or shakes my hand. No, they gather in little cliques and don’t bother me. I’m the nice visitor to the church.
And I’ll tell you what else I am – I’m the stranger who never comes back. -Author Unkown

Let’s make sure we welcome those who choose to visit with us this Sunday.


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