Sunday’s a Comin!

Tomorrow (Sunday) is my favorite day of the week for several reasons…the opportunity to preach, see friends, fellowship with other believers, but most importantly, to present Christ as Lord and Saviour. Seriously, why go through all the “stuff” of the ministry if we don’t give ourselves fully to the presentation of the Gospel?
-My challenge to every teacher or preacher tomorrow is “bring it!”. We have nothing to lose and every reason to be passionate about life eternal!
-People will come to your church tomorrow NEEDING to know how they can be saved…we owe it to them to NOT let them leave our churches without knowing how!
-Be more concerned tomorrow about the souls of men than what people will think of your “program” or “presentation”!
-Church member, pray that the power of God will be on your pastor like never before and that he’ll be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in every aspect!
-Look for someone to befriend and DO IT!
-Be a difference maker in somebody’s life!
-Realize that all of us need what’s being said from the platform tomorrow, not just those who are visiting.

It’s high time for the Body of Christ to become engaged in living for God beyond the walls of the church house! Let’s get back to it!


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