Christians Crying

With having a few young children around the house, I usually don’t have to go too many days between examples for illustrations. This morning was no exception. I had just sat down with a cup of coffee to have my personal devotions when our youngest son, Drake (13 months) came toddling into the room carrying a toothbrush (which who KNOWS where that thing has been by now). We all have heard those horror stories (and some have experienced) about toddlers stumbling and things they’re carrying poking them in the eyes or throats. Well, this thought immediately runs through my mind and I tell one of the girls who was standing nearby to take it from him. This of course is not without incident and everyone in our home understands the nuclear reaction that erupts after the removal of an object that he doesn’t want to give up is taken from him (especially by a sibling). So she picks him up (after she catches him) and spins him around for me to make the toothbrush extraction. Wait for it, wait for it…yes, here it comes, the crying of a baby!
As I sat there and listened to him cry, I realized we as Christians act the very same way sometimes. We walk around carrying things in our lives that can hurt us many times not realizing it. The Lord will often send people into our lives (like Drake’s sister) to help us remove those things before we do fall and get hurt. Our pastor, SS teacher, parent or a just godly friend could be the one thats trying to help, but we tend to run from them because we don’t want to let go of whatever it is we have a hold of. At that point sometimes, the Lord will then move in and perform the extraction Himself, most of the time to our displeasure as well, and the crying starts. Here’s the deal…Drake doesn’t know that the reason I took it from him was to prevent him from getting seriously hurt, not to keep him from having fun. I took it from him because I love him. Likewise with our heavenly Father…He often takes things from us, or allows things to be taken from us, not to make us mad or keep us from enjoying life, but to prevent us from getting seriously hurt or anymore hurt. He does it because of His unmatched and unconditional love for us!
Before we start with our crying when something is taken, let’s try to look deeper as to the why…it could be to prevent further hurt.


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  1. Thank you Pastor for this great illustration, and thank you Bro. Mark for sharing your heart with us. What a great thing God is doing at Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, GA.

  2. That is a great illustration pastor. You have a gift from God to be able to lay things out so that we can see more clearly what God wants and expects from us.
    I have to admit that I left church with a heavy heart last night. I was more ashamed of myself than I have been in a long while. At the beginning of service you asked for those of us who have been in dark places, how the Lord can help us to overcome and be comorted. I know that God had something for me to say that could help others and I sat silent. Just because I was just to concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do it.
    I have been blessed, and I owe it to God to share what he has done to help me and use it to help others. I have been through what a lot of the people you were concerned about are facing. Besides losing Eric, I’ve been through a divorce, lost a nice home, and went from being with my children constantly to having to basically see them by appointment. Not to mention living in a hotel for a total of 7 months while the divorce settlement dragged on.
    After having lost Eric, it was clear that nothing else mattered. I could lose everything again today, sleep in a ditch tonight with rain pouring down on me and no where to go, and it would pale in comparison to losing Eric.
    Even through this darkest time, I began to see the power of God and the Holy spirit. I have said this, and it is true, that the miracle of the Holy Spirit is there for us. That night at the quarry while we waited for them to recover Eric, all I could see was his gigantic smile and I could feel a level of comfort that is undescribable in knowing, absolutely knowing, that Eric was with God because of his undeniable faith in Christ.
    Through the weeks and months to come, I can tell you that the Holy Spirit has comforted me in ways that I could never have imagined. I woke up yesterday feeling so blessed I could actually feel the loving arms of the Holy Spirit with me as I left for Church.
    Often I imagine being with Eric and giving him a gigantic hug. Sometimes it seems so real that I can feel him and even smell his presence. I notice that this seems most real to me when I have felt a close walk with God. Such was the case yesterday, and I failed to help others by sharing this with them. I’ve asked God for forgiveness and for the strength to tell others somehow. This is the best way I know for now. Please feel free to share this with anyone.
    I can positively say that when Christ promised us that he will not leave us comfortless, that he could take our burden if we let him, it is as real as anything I’m touching right now.
    With Love In Christ,
    Mark Hill

    • Thank you so much for sharing this with us. God really knows when I need something and this was it. Also thank you for sharing what Brother Mark had too. Eric was truly a man of God and is missed greatly. Thanks again!

  3. That is so true…
    Great post Pastor, may we be sensitive to the Holy Spirit each and every day.
    Thanks for your prayers.

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