Sunday Summary 2.28.2010

We moved into the third week of our MyMarriageIsaWreck series today talking about Compassion in the Marriage.  The previous weeks included Christ in the Marriage and Communication in the Marriage.  We’ll finish the series next week with Commitment in the Marriage.  To be honest with you, I really believe the Lord has met with us in every service.  The response from the congregation has been very positive.  My concern though, is that couples will hear, but not heed.  If we want our marriages to be all they can and should be, we must work at it and follow God’s plan as laid out in the Scriptures.  We also got to view my and Michelle’s engagement video…for me, hilarious!  For my wife, embarrassing!

This evening Chris Waye shared his testimony of how the Lord has called him into full time ministry and the journey he and his wife, Sherry, have been traveling since then.  We then had a special time of prayer with each of them and took up a special love offering to help offset the expense of their 6 month extended stay in Arequipa, Peru.  It was a special time for us all.  I then closed with a “not so normal” message…I dunno.

After the service, we had our first Director’s Training Session with all of our Ministry Directors.  It’s something we’re trying out and I really liked the way it worked out tonight.  I strictly held to the promised one hour time slot and covered the 5-fold purpose for such a meeting…Communication (where we discuss issues, talk of problems, accompanied by a praise and possible solutions) Information (where we discuss changes in the calendar and the upcoming month’s events and special services, etc) Education (where we will be taught and trained in various subjects) Evaluation (where we keep ourselves accountable to the work of the ministry) and close with Edification (where we are encouraged, challenged and appreciated)  It is part of the process of Laboring More Abundantly, our theme and vision for 2010.

All in all, it was a great day at Victory and for that I praise the Lord.


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