Happy Valentine’s Day…

Well, today didn’t start off the way I’d hoped and planned on it starting…here’s a picture of my daughter Malia being transferred from Gwinnett Medical to Scottish Rite to have her arm set of which she broke after she got dressed for church this morning.  She was hanging from the trim of a cased opening and sat on her harm as she fell.  Michelle is with her and the x-rays showed she broke both the bones of her right arm just above the wrist.  She’s was on morphine, hence the smile in the picture.

Bessides that, I have gotten sick and was not able to preach the opening message of the marriage series, but I appreciate Bro. Patrick doing what I heard was a good job.  But here’s the thing, it could be a lot worse…praise the Lord for His goodness.


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  1. Prayers for you & your family and for healing of Malia’s arm (bless her heart!).

  2. Sorry about your daughter’s accident. We have prayed for her. Also sorry the kids missed the circus. We’ll try again when it comes back to town.

  3. Praying for you and Malia but also for Michelle as she deals with everything going on at the Lawrence household. Love you and your family Pastor.

  4. Harold and Sheila Henson

    Praying for you guys!! We missed you guys today! The Lord give you strength!

  5. Praying for healing and a speedy recovery for you both.

  6. So sorry to hear that you are sick and about Malia’s accident. My prayers will be with you and your family for speedy recoveries!!

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