Chris and Sherry Waye

The following is from Chris Waye’s blog.  What a blessing it has been to see this young family grow in the Lord and surrender their lives to serve the Lord.  We are planning a special service on Sunday evening Feb. 28th for them so you will want to be in attendance.  We will also be taking up a special love offering for them to help with their 6 month stay.  Be praying on what the Lord would have your family do.

We are down to our last three weeks before we leave for our six month stay in Arequipa, Peru. We are getting very excited about our trip and cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for us. We are really asking God to do a great work in our lives while we are there.

We have all of our passports, the bags are ready to be packed, we have most of our support raised and saved up and we are ready to go. All that is left to do is move out of the house we are in and pack our bags. The Lord has really blessed us with such a great opportunity to take our family to the mission field to get the best on-the-job-training that we could get in preparation for missions work. It has been such a tremendous blessing to be a part of the Victory Baptist Training Center for the last six months, and I have learned so much from my Pastor, Derik Lawrence and his staff.

I would ask that you would continue to pray for us in several areas as we are gone:

1. Pray that we would allow God to work in our hearts

2. Pray that we would be a blessing and not a burden to those we will be with

3. Pray that we adapt to the culture and do not allow new things to distract us from our mission

4. Pray that we would get a greater burden for the world

5. Pray that we would learn the language quickly

6. Pray for our children…or maybe you should pray for those who will be watching our children during the day

7. Pray that we would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in our lives

8. Pray that we would gain a greater knowledge of what it means to be a missionary

9. Pray that we would remain teachable and leave our Americanisms at the airport

10. Pray that we would grow closer to God than ever before


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  1. chris and sherry – you two are so great. it’s a joy to watch how the lord is using you. you are going to spend a great 6 months in one oif the most special places i’ve ever been. our prayers will be with you and your family. WE LOVE YOU AND ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!

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