Priorities, Decisions and Balance?

I want to let everyone know about an upcoming session to be held at Vision Baptist Church.  The following is copied from their website…I think it will be a great session and very beneficial.  I know Mr. Pearson personally and he is a very capable and financially successful Christian businessman who will bring a wealth of information to the table.  Couple him with the pastoral perspective of Bro. Austin and you have a great help, especially in our current times.

Who: Businessmen, Professionals, Career People and all others who are interested.

What: 3 hours of godly counsel from the Word of God and a delicious lunch!

Where: Vision Baptist Church, 1125 Alpha Drive, Alpharetta, Georgia

When: March 6, 2010 9 AM to 1 PM

Why: to learn what would be a biblical answer to your questions!

Here are some of the questions that we will endeavor to answer:

How can pastors believe that my life should revolve around God when I do not have the luxury of time that a pastor has?

How do you keep focused on God when your life is consumed with business and worldly distractions?

How do I keep from focusing on my needs, concerns, ambitions, and allow God to use me?

How do I balance my time between family, friends, God, and business?

How can I increase my ability to draw close to God and remain close to Him when I am consumed by business and work?

How do you love God when your life is filled with unsaved family, friends, coworkers, etc?

If you are interested, please let them know via email, phone or blog comments by going to their information page.


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