Consumed Teen Revival

Last night was the second of three nights of the Consumed Teen Revival.  It started on Wednesday night at Victory Baptist, moved to Vision Baptist last night and will conclude at Corinth Baptist tonight.  I’m very grateful that these churches have the relationship we do and the fellowship has been sweet.  Each night, a youth pastor from another church preaches and Bro. Josh Ayers preached last night and did a very good job.  He showed how Caleb “wholly followed the Lord” and compelled each listener to do the same.  My wife and I were personally challenged as well as one of my sons.  On the way home, he said, “Dad, that was a really good message.  I want to close the gap.”  Amen!  As a parent, that’s the kind of preaching you want your children to hear.  As a pastor, that’s the kind of preaching you want your staff to preach.  Praise the Lord for willing vessels.

Again, I’m thankful for the pastors of these other churches willing to support this meeting, as well as for Bros. Trent Cornwell, Chad Luke and Josh Ayers for their desire to see our youths “consumed” with the Word and Service of God!

Be praying for the last service tonight that God will finalize in some hearts His will for their lives.


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