First Haircut for Drake!

We usually wait till the boys are a year old before we get their first haircut, however, with Drake, we would have to start putting bows in his hair if we waited that long!  So here are some pics for you viewing pleasure…our little one is growing up fast!

You're gonna' do WHAT?

Mom, are you SERIOUSLY going to let him do this?

Well, it's not THAT bad!

Dude...that feels pretty good! Wheeee!

What? Nothin' to it!


Posted on January 7, 2010, in General. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. He’s growing up fast.
    I wish I had that much hair!
    -Mark Hill

  2. Betty says that he is super precious

  3. Luke’s definitely didn’t turn out that calm. What did you do, drug the kid?

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