Sunday Summary 1.3.10

The first Sunday in 2010 was a COLD one, not on the inside, praise the Lord, but on the outside!  Although several families were still out of town, again we had several visitors, at least four families that I’m aware of, maybe more.  I didn’t feel as much liberty as I would like to have, although that could have been due to a couple of things…miscommunication on some pulpit timing issues, microphone problems with me ending up holding a handheld, or me just not as comfortable with my material.  Honestly, I would have liked to have started the year a little differently, but guess what, we’ll go at it again Wednesday and then again Sunday.  I still praise the Lord for His blessings on us, He is way better than we deserve and I never want to be ungrateful.

Sunday night’s message was on “brokenness” and I enjoyed preaching it.  The Lord showed me some things concerning the need to have a broken spirit in order for God to get us where He wants to get us.  It wasn’t chock full of alliteration, but I pray the message came across.  God will use a willing vessel!

In closing, I’d just like to thank all those who braved the elements at both services on Sunday…may God bless you for your efforts!

Don’t forget, next Sunday promises to be very exciting with our annual Victory Vision Sunday activities…regular times Sunday morning, PM service starts at 5 PM that Sunday, followed by the Chili/Salsa Cook-off.


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