Five FOR the Father…

Notice I didn’t say “Five WITH the Father”, that sounds a little presumptuous.  What do I mean? Well, no “program or system” will create a walk with God, but they can assist us in being consistent and laying a foundation for it (That being said, the following is simply ONE amongst numerous ways to accomplish the task…this is just one the Lord gave me specifically for VBC today)

I would like to challenge us each this year in our personal time to read at least 5 chapters a day. (if you read 3.25 chapters a day, you could read through the entire Bible in a year)  Imagine that, only five a day and you could do something that you might not have ever done…read through your entire Bible! (read through entire posts for other portion of “Five for the Father”) I know that would please the Father, reading His Word every day, allowing it to minister to our lives.

Here’s the thing, there are times (many of them, actually) where when I’m reading through portions of the Scripture, I’m not clear on all the details.  I mean, I’m not sure the exact intent to the particular ones it was written to at the time, or the implications for the people group or individual, or the historical background.  Sometimes I get caught up in looking at “the deeper meaning” of what I’m reading.  But guess what, we need to start off by just READING it!  I’ve learned over the past few years, that if in my personal devotional time, if I just read the Scripture without specifically looking for sermon content or SS thoughts, then I’m receiving much more out of that time.  For instance, this morning I was reading in Ezekiel and a message to King Tyrus was given, foretelling of the destruction of the nation and the details of the demise.  If your mind is like mine, this is where the “lose focus” segment of devotional time wants to set in.  However, because I ask the Lord to point out what He wants me to learn during these times, I was able to see what He wanted ME to see.  What was it?  Well, the pride of Tyrus was the main reason for the impending destruction and what jumped off the pages was that America is in a similar state and we personally will be ruined if haughtiness prevails.

You see, when learning to read the Bible and gleaning from it, one must not make it a huge theological, thesis developing time, otherwise, we won’t be able to see the forest for the trees.  As we develop our Bible study time, it will deepen and take different directions.  That being said, take the challenge…read Five FOR the Father this year and let Him speak to you every morning.  I promise that sometime through the reading He will share a thought, a verse, a challenge or promise with you.

The second portion of Five for the Father would be spending five minutes communicating with Him.  Communicating is talking with Him.  I communicate with my wife by speaking to her.  There are other ways, texting, emailing, writing letters, or “sky writing” with aircraft…but here’s the thing, speaking to her is the best method of communicating for our relationship.  The more time we spend talking with one another, the closer we stay and become.  May I submit to the reader, the best way to stay close to the Father is by regularly talking with Him.

Five minutes may or may not seem like a long time to you to spend in prayer, but I promise you, getting in the habit of spending AT LEAST five minutes communicating with Him on a daily basis will revolutionize your relationship with the Lord! Of course, you will probably find out that five minutes will then turn into much longer periods, but again, the key is to just START!

Church, this year can be the greatest year of your life…BUT, you must have direction and drive to do so…great years just “don’t happen”, and they happen “one day at a time”.  If you don’t already have an effective plan (key word there is effective) then try “Five for the Father”.  I’ll share more aspects on this topic in the near future.

May God bless (and He will) your efforts this year!


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