Staff Personal Devotions

I was sitting here having my devotional time with the Lord and some neat things took place that I wanted to share with the members of VBC.  Over the last few days during this time (for me usually in the morning) I get an email or two or three from the staff and/or training center guys that their Daily Devotionals were just published to a private blog. (Each staff member is asked to share their personal devotions to a site where we can see and share each other’s thoughts, comments and leadings…this allows for good accountability as well as encouragement)  You may wonder why that is such a big deal, but here’s the thing that struck me this morning… church, the staff is a group of men and women who are trying to serve the Lord with a pure heart and conscientious of the Lord’s leading in their lives.  The thought of those men, at the same time I was, reading their Bibles, seeking the Lord’s direction, leading and will for their lives that day, praying for you, etc was impacting to me.  I thank God for the staff He’s given us and am looking forward to even greater things this year.  I personally believe that there has never been a time where the staff, collectively, is walking closer to the Lord!  What an awesome thing to be able to say as a Pastor!  Stay faithful men!


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  1. Amen again. I believe what amazes me is not only do we have a staff that truly studies God’s Word and prays, but we have young men who take the time to do the same thing. I value them as much as any adult. I plan on praying for them more this year so they will know God’s Will in their life. Bless You All in the New Year!

  2. Brother Derik, you all are such a blessing to me!! God has richly blessed our church with a wonderful team to lead us in His word!!! I appreciate all of you so much!! Hope 2010 will be a wonderful year for all of you filled with good health, posperity and much happiness!!!!!

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