What’s Your Favorite Memory?

As we wind down the year 2009, I’m in search for your favorite memory this year in regards to the ministry of Victory Baptist Church and your life.  Was it the day your child received Christ in Junior Church?  How about the Sunday we moved into the new sanctuary?  Maybe it was the day you moved up into the teen ministry or the Sunday your family joined.  It could be the time when someone from the church met a need or sent a card or meal just at the right time.  Whatever it was, would you please “pen it down” (type it out) and let me know.  I would like to perhaps use these on VVN 2K10 and will do so anonymously if so desired.  You can post them in the comments section or email them to office@victorybc.org  Thanks!


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  1. Elizabeth Reid

    One of my favorite memories from 2009 was sitting in carpool line on the day they were putting the steeple on the new building. It was a beautiful sight! With tears in my eyes, I bowed my head & said a prayer for all of the people who will come to our church – especially for the ones who are hurting & in need of the help they can get under that steeple. With that image burned in my mind, I am trying to stay focused & remember our mission statement to provide a method & means to minister to EVERY member of the community & I am praying that God will use me.

  2. I agree with Bro. Jimmy! I have never hurt so much in my life!!!! But it was a blast and awesome seeing how everybody worked together to get it done!!! We sure have an awesome church family!!

  3. My favorite memory was the evening of the Big Sod Party. It was awesome seeing people of all ages, people of differing backgrounds and cultures, people of all shapes and sizes, people who have been saved for years and people who were recently converted, coming together in unity and taking ownership of their church. That evening we were one big happy TIRED family!

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