Merry Christmas!

Well, another Christmas Day has passed.  It barely seems like the carols started playing in the stores and on the radio and here we are now, looking to the New Year.  My family and I had a wonderful day today…of course it started early and is ending late.  Much food and fellowship was enjoyed.  Michelle and I had a great time playing the “Clauses” as usual…it seems as if it gets more fun each year.  Today was Drake’s first Christmas and by the end of the day, he was a pro.  Except for the occasional piece of trash, Barbie boot or game piece entering his mouth, all was well.  Michelle only had to make two “finger swipes” today (really) due to his insatiable appetite for anything to small for us to pick up and too big for his throat to pass.  The other five were a treat and seemed to like everything gifted to them.  I’m starting to experience on a small scale the saying that “the older they get, the smaller the toys get and the more expensive they get.”

After Christmas in our new home, we went to my parent’s for Christmas breakfast and “organized chaos II.”  The second round of gifts went well and the grandparents spoiled again as usual.  We had about an hour after we finished before “organized chaos III” commenced.  My mother inherited the customary and traditional family get-together at her home as she is the oldest of eight.  This is the first year it wasn’t at my grandparent’s home due to health issues, however, everyone seemed to have a great time and it was definitely loud with 18 of the 40+ being under the age of 15!  After eating and opening many gifts (again) the corners of the house filled with “rook playing”, Nintendo DSI players, “dress up girls”, sword fights, and gadget gawking.  It was great!

Of course, the day wouldn’t be complete if the Christmas story wasn’t read and shared, personal comments made and prayers prayed.  I praise the Lord for being a part of a family that emphasized the real reason for the celebration of this time of year.  The Christ-child was honored at our homes today, was He at yours?


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