Sunday Summary 12.14.09

We continued on with our Following Him…at Christmas Series this morning and learned how Mary needed a miracle in her life as a miracle was being performed in her body with the birth of Jesus.  She needed grace and strength and a host of other items as she dealt with the virgin birth.  She needed something big…she needed a miracle.  She asked, “How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?  Of course the angel responded with the infamous and everlasting truth, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  I’m not sure what the reader is needing right now, or how big it is, but remember, we serve a bigger God!  Let’s make sure we have the right Position, with the right Praise, for He is the right Person we need!  The music was great yesterday…I love Christmas music and the choir and orchestra did a great job.  We had several visitors again and the spirit was great.

Last night we had a great congregation even though it was wet and cold out.  I praise the Lord for those that don’t let the elements deter their presence.  The message was based on Galations 5, concerning Christian Liberty or Christian Freedom…very interesting how so many use this “card” to appease the flesh instead of walking in the Spirit.

Following the service we had a good and profitable deacons meeting.  I love and appreciate the men with whom I get to work and serve with.


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